Senior Unity Developer

AT Bohemia Interactive

Prague, Czech Republic

Bohemia Interactive

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Bohemia Incubator is looking for an in-house Senior Programmer to join Martin 'Dram' Melicharek in developing Silica, an authentic sci-fi RTS/FPS crossover. You will be helping with the development of gameplay features, UI, and more. The Silica team is incredibly small, so every team member is crucial and their work is extremely impactful.

The Silica team doesn’t operate according to established corporate processes. Instead, we’re geared towards old-school, 'garage' development that’s focused on iteration and ensuring the game is fun to play. This last point is made possible by gathering feedback from players through Discord, Steam, and Silica’s in-game chat. That’s why it’s imperative that every team member enjoys working in a small team where a responsible approach is a must.

Type of contract: Contract under Trade Certificate / Identification No.

Job Description

  • Implement new gameplay features
  • Implement UI elements (i.e. menus)
  • Assist in technical design
  • Profile and identify performance issues
  • Work on features you enjoy


  • 3 years of game programming experience (minimum)
  • Experience working on major areas of several games (AAA/Indie)
  • Solid expertise in real-time usage of C# (performance, GC)
  • An understanding of multiplayer networking is a plus
  • Work in-house at the River Office House in Prague

We offer

  • 25 days paid time off, more if desired as long as work is completed
  • Result-oriented, trust-based approach, where importance is placed on the task being finished, not hours spent in the office.
  • Free coffee, tea, fruit for for you in the office.

Applicants should submit their portfolio and CV detailing their previous work experience as well as a cover letter outlining their interest to work for Bohemia Interactive.

Senior Unity Developer

  • Prague, Czech Republic
Type of Contract
  • Freelance
  • Programming