Senior Technical Animator

AT Hangar 13

Novato, United States


We are looking for a talented Technical Animator who is adept at problem solving, and enthusiastic about working with the unique challenges and opportunities presented by proprietary tech. Candidates should be comfortable developing expandable pipelines, as well as implementing ad hoc fixes that are needed for rapid games animation prototyping. They should also be comfortable adapting to novel animation systems and be able to aid in the implementation of new animation technology. Most importantly, we are looking for someone that is responsive, self-initiating, and works well with others.


  • Collaborate interdepartmentally to establish, refine, and optimize animation pipelines and procedures.
  • Create Animation and Art tools for artists and animators, using relevant scripting languages such as Python.
  • Work with all aspects of the animation export and implementation pipeline.
  • Work with animators to resolve any roadblocks to their workflow.
  • Work with TDs to integrate final and intermediate rigs in game.
  • Manage online Animation databases, including cleaning up of obsolete data and optimizing workflow.
  • Communicate with Design and Engineering to better anticipate and advise on animation related technical issues.
  • Help generate and set up assets needed for the game’s animation systems. This includes overlays, mirror tables, and character templates, as well as designing animation system flow through visual scripting.
  • Create visual scripts for world interactions.


  • Expert knowledge of Maya, Motionbuilder, or similar 3D package.
  • Experience with building animation systems such as Animation Blueprints, Mecanim, Morpheme, or comparable systems.
  • Experience managing and updating animation pipeline tools.
  • 5+ years’ experience working in the games industry with a focus on animation game systems.
  • Strong creative and technical problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work independently in a team environment.
  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to collaborate across multiple locations effectively.
  • Comfortable with industry standard scripting language such as Python MEL script, LUA, etc.
  • Familiar with Havok and or FBX SDK.


  • 1-3 Shipped AAA games.
  • Degree in Computer Animation, Computer Science, or related degree.
  • Comfortable with version control software, particularly Perforce.
  • Familiar with asset/ Task tracking clients like JIRA and Shotgun.


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Senior Technical Animator

  • Novato, United States
Type of Contract
  • Full-time
  • Art & Animations