Outsourcing Coordinator

AT Hangar 13

Brno, Czech Republic

We are looking for an Outsourcing Coordinator to establish/maintain existing relationships with external providers and ensure that outsourcing runs smoothly with a high level of quality. The Outsourcing Coordinator will be assisting the art department in multiple areas, such as coordination of the outsourced assets, internal assets, administrative work, and communication with outsourcing studios. This role directly reports to the Outsourcing Producer.

This position offers a unique opportunity to cooperate with developers and to support their efforts to achieve a breathtaking gaming experience at the very edge of the possibilities of our target platforms (current and next generation of consoles and PC).

What You Will Do:

  • Work with the art team on preparation and integration of outsourcing packages.
  • Managing asset resource lists and assessing outsourced assets for technical quality.
  • Maintain healthy relationships with outsourcing partners and work with them to implement our high standards (technical and aesthetical) efficiently.
  • Organizing production of art assets for internal project/s, collecting, tracking and updating information on art assets, and communicating changes with the producer.
  • Collect feedbacks and ensure they are communicated clearly between the internal team and outsourcers.
  • Ensure work is delivered by the partners on time and meeting the quality bar.

Who We Think Will Be A Good Fit:

  • Understanding art asset creation techniques and tools (environment, hard surface and basics of sculpting)
  • Basic knowledge of computer graphics software, such as Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.
  • Ability to use project planning tools.
  • Ability and willingness to cope with changes to requirements as a project evolves.
  • Perfect written and spoken English.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills (timekeeping, scheduling, etc.).
  • Ability to keep clear, transparent, and trackable email communication.
  • Good proficiency with MS Office tools.
  • Ability to work well even under pressure of tight deadlines.
  • Willingness to learn new pipelines, techniques, tools.
  • Interest in developing video games.

Nice To Have:

  • Background as an artist or producer.
  • Basic knowledge of some tracking/scheduling tool (Hansoft, Jira, Shotgun, Trello, …).
  • Basic knowledge of some file management system / version control system (Perforce, SVN, GIT, …)
  • Basic classical art skills.
  • Experience working with external outsource art teams.
  • Management experience with at least 2 direct reports.

Who We Are:

Hangar 13 is an internal 2K development studio based in four locations: Brno & Prague (Czech Republic), Novato (California), and Brighton (UK), working collaboratively as one team. Each of our locations provides the opportunity to Bravely Create on big-budget, AAA console titles in a diverse and inclusive environment. At Hangar 13, we want people driven by curiosity — Visionaries who aren’t afraid to explore new territory. Intrepid individuals who embrace the weird, the challenging, the unconventional. We’re continuing to build a space that empowers you to take risks and redefine what’s possible, Where your inquisitive nature is nourished — A home for people who aren’t satisfied with what is, but who are obsessed by what could be. So bring your talent, Your unique point-of-view, Your fearless tenacity, And together, we’ll Bravely Create.


Located in the south-east part of the Czech Republic, just a 2-hour drive from Prague, 3 hrs from Budapest and mere 90 minutes from Vienna, surrounded by vineyards from the south-east and highlands from the north-west, Brno is a comfortable place to live and work. This Czech Republic´s second largest city offers everything you need without the big city rush - modern architecture, perfect cuisine, award-winning bars, and diverse countryside.

Outsourcing Coordinator

  • Brno, Czech Republic
Type of Contract
  • Full-time
  • Production & PR